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21 Child Stars From The '80s Who Are All Grown Up Now

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Fame is a funny thing, we all still remember these child stars from their classic roles in '80s movies, but most of them have fallen completely out of the spotlight. We looked up some of the decade's biggest (and smallest) stars to learn what they're up to today.

1. Lukas Haas

Haas was just 8 years old when he played the title character in Witness, an Amish boy who witnessed a murder. He's been acting ever since, but his career has been experiencing a renaissance lately with roles in Inception and The Revenant.

2. Fred Savage

With big roles in '80s hits like The Princess Bride and The Wizard, Savage was probably the most famous kid in America during this decade. Savage has switched from acting to directing, but recently made a return to TV on shows like The Grinder and Netflix's Friends from College.

Savage and Rob Lowe in 'The Grinder.'TV Guide

3. Corey Feldman

Feldman was half of the "Two Coreys," alongside his Lost Boys costar Corey Haim. He also stood out in family-friend blockbusters like The Goonies and Stand By Me. But fame wasn't kind to Feldman. He battled a drug addiction, and was arrested for heroin possession twice in 1990 alone.

Feldman in 2016.US Weekly

Feldman's career is on the mend now, and he appeared on a number of reality shows including The Two Coreys. "It took people a long, long time to forgive me. I was just a kid making mistakes like any other kid," he said in an interview.

4. Jenny Lewis

She stole our hearts as Haley in The Wizard, but left Hollywood to pursue a music career. Lewis was the singer and lead guitarist for the band Rilo Kiley.

5. Henry Thomas

Thomas had some pretty iconic scenes as Eliot from E.T., but his career pretty much stalled after that. He's still working to this day with small roles on TV shows. Keep an eye out for him in Gangs of New York and the Brad Pitt film Legends of the Fall.

6. Alyson Hannigan

Before she landed big roles on How I Met Your Mother and Buffy, Hannigan was one of the kids from the '80s sci-fi comedy My Stepmother is an Alien. She also has success with the American Pie movies, and married Buffy costar Alexis Denisof.

7. Gabriel Damon

Don't recognize Damon? He was the voice actor for Littlefoot in The Land Before Time, but he also had a juicy role as the foul-mouthed villain from Robocop 2. While he had guest appearances on Baywatch, ER and Star Trek: TNG, he seems to have given up on acting, and his last role was in 2006.

Damon in 2006.Guy Noland / YouTube

8. Oliver Robins

After playing young Robbie in Poltergeist, Robins was called back to film the horror movie's sequel, but didn't do much acting afterwards. Instead he's writing and directing his own spooky movies, including Celebrity Crush and The Devil's Whisper.

9. Gaby Hoffman

'Uncle Buck.'Movie Pilot

Hoffman acted alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names in the '80s, playing Maizy in Uncle Buck and Karin in Field of Dreams. Since then she's popped up in movies like Volcano and Freaky Friday, and had roles on Girls and Transparent.

If you're a sci-fi fan you'll definitely recognize the next actress...

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