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20 Years Worth Of Happy Meal Toys That Will Bring You Right Back To Your Childhood

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Everyone remembers the excitement of opening up their Happy Meal to see what toy they got. We all had these enormous collections that took up all kinds of space for no reason, but we treasured these toys as if they were precious antiques.

There were a lot of different toys each year, but there was always one or two that stood out and made kids go absolutely nuts trying to track down the entire collection.

These were the most popular toys each year, how many did you collect?

1977-79 - "McWrist" Wallet

1979-81 - Star Trek

1982 - Playmobil

1983-84 - Hot Wheels

1985-86 - My Little Pony

1987 - Changeables

1988 - McNugget Buddies

1989 - Fry Kids

1990 - Camp McDonaldland

1991 - Tiny Toons Flip Cars

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