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20 Years Later, Here's 7 Things We Still Love About Crash Bandicoot

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It's been a while since Crash first spun his way onto the scene back in 1996, but we still have great memories of running home after school, booting up our original PlayStations, and taking him through some amazing adventures (while often trying out some colorful new words we'd learned whenever we died).


The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is out on the PlayStation 4 this week, bringing back three amazing games starring our favorite marsupial for a new generation of gamers to experience for the first time. It's an exciting time for Crash fans, and here's a few things we love about this series.

1) Running from everything

Crash Bandicoot Wiki

Whether it's a giant boulder, an angry polar bear, or a stampeding triceratops, you pretty much always end up running away from something during a Crash Bandicoot game.


These levels are tough as nails but also thrilling. You only have a second or two to react to things showing up in your path to either outright kill you, or just slow you down and let the thing chasing you do the dirty work.

Crash Bandicoot Wiki

We may have gotten frustrated, but finally beating one of these levels was always SO satisfying.

2) Riding some cool vehicles


Crash and his sister Coco always seemed to find some of the coolest things to ride through the levels of each game. Sometimes it was a jet board.

Crash Bandicoot Wiki

Other times it was a motorcycle.


Jet skis were always fun.

Crash Mania

And sometimes you even rode a live tiger!


3) Smashing boxes


Plenty of other platformers had you smashing things to get items (I mean, Mario practically invented it), but none of them leaned into it quite as hard as Crash Bandicoot.


Each level had dozens of boxes to smash that were filled with things like Wumpa Fruit (think Mario's coins), Aku-Aku Masks (he shields you from getting hurt), extra lives, or even explosives that would hurt you if you weren't careful!


Smashing these things wasn't just satisfying; it was necessary. You see, each level had a gem you could earn for destroying every box, and you needed all the gems to get the game's true ending!

UGHBreaking Canon

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