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20 Things That Will Remind You How Old You Really Are

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They say that time passes more quickly the older you get and considering that with every passing year I get increasingly jealous of how well Betty White has aged compared to me, I'm starting to feel like that's a legit thing.

Live footage of me, right nowGiphy

And as we get older, there are all sorts of interesting facts that start popping up to remind us that time is slipping away from us, and clearly it's all the younger generation's fault. Here are some of the things that are forcing us to ask "just where has the time gone?"

Also me.20th Century Fox

1) Kids turning 18 this year have never lived in a world without emojis

We truly live in an age of wonderGiphy

It's hard not to love emojis, especially for those of use who remember a time when our fastest option for texting was T9. Nothing makes you appreciate a tiny cartoon poop symbol like having to press a button 4 times just to get the letter S. The first emojis were used in Japan in the late '90s, but they've since gone on to make up about 96% of any given text message. Also as of this summer, they'll officially have their own movie because 2017 is a lawless wasteland.

I refuse to link to the trailer and you can't make me.Sony Pictures Animation

2) The future in Back to the Future Part II is now in our past

Not anymore!Giphy

The second movie in the massive Back to the Future trilogy should now probably be called Back to the Future Part 2 Years Ago, since 2015 has long come and gone. To make things worse, the 2015 featured in the movie was significantly better than the 2015 we actually got. After all, our "hoverboards" don't actually hover

These are not the same / Universal Pictures

We don't get basically instantaneous pizza

And our outfits don't look like this

Universal Pictures

Actually on second thought maybe our 2015 was at least better in terms of fashion. Barely.

3) 9/11 is now closer to the Challenger Disaster than the present day

CBS News

There are certain events that are so powerful they go on to define a generation. Everyone remembers where they were when these events happened and suddenly history gets separated into what happened before, and what happened came after. For some of us our first experience with something of that scale was the Challenger Disaster in 1986, but that would later get eclipsed by the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. While 15 years separate the Challenger Disaster and 9/11, this year will mark the 16th anniversary of the September 11th.

Associated Press

Considering the massive impact 9/11 had on us, it's almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to have no memory of the experience, but we've reached the point where the next generation - who were mostly born after 9/11 - are approaching adulthood. As of 2016, there are high school students learning about 9/11 as a historical event they were not alive for. Not to mention all of the even younger kids who will be headed to high school in the coming years.

4) 1994 is as far away from 2017 as 2040 is

Me, realizing the math checks outNew Line Cinema

In my head whenever I think of "10 years ago" I'm thinking of the '90s, but that's longer right. In reality, 2017 is as close to 1990 as 1990 was to 1963. Even if we correct our brains to associate the 2000s with "10 years ago," we're still not safe, especially once you realize that 2004 is as far away as 2030.

You, right now. Probably.Giphy

5) After this year, there will be no more '90s "kids"

This is what '90s kids look like now. Feel old yet?Imgur

As of January 1st, 2018, every single person born in the '90s will be at least 18, and therefore all '90s kids will officially be adults. While all the kids born in the later years of the '90s are definitely too young to even remember what that decade was like, it still hurts to think about it.

I mean, it sucks that you missed out, but c'monShared

6) The kid in Big is now older than Tom Hanks was when they made the film

Well, now you are.Giphy

And not just a little bit older, either. Young Josh in the movie was played by David Moscow, who at the time was 14. He was born in 1974 which means he'll be turning 43 when he celebrates his birthday on November 14th. HOWEVER, Tom Hanks was born in 1956, so when he was playing Josh he would have only been 32. That means young Josh is now over a decade older than big Josh was when the movie was made. Try not to scream.

No, there's just something in my eyeGiphy

7) The dancing Ooga Chaka baby is old enough to legally drink

Well not really, it's a 3D animation of a baby not a real person. It is, however, turning 21 this fall, because it was first created in 1996. Just in case that doesn't make you feel old enough, it's also been 20 years since the baby made it's "acting" debut as Ally McBeal's hallucination.

8) And so is Lilo from Lilo & Stitch

Walt Disney Pictures

This is almost more shocking then realizing that Lilo and the creepy girl from The Ring are played by the same actress. In the original movie, Lilo is 6 years old. Well, Lilo & Stitch came out in 2002, which means it's been 15 years. That would make Lilo 21 years old today.

I'm done.Giphy

9) We're further from the release of The Phantom Menace then it was from the release of Return of the Jedi

Yes I know this is from Empire Strikes Back but it's too perfectGiphy

If you grew up loving Star Wars (and really, who didn't) then you'll remember just how big a deal it was in 1999 when we could finally go back to that galaxy far, far away with Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Of course, it didn't really live up to our expectations, but the excitement we felt was so very real. It's been 18 years since we were introduced to the horror that is Jar Jar Binks, but The Phantom Menace only came out 16 years after Return of the Jedi.


10) The Furby is older than today's high schoolers

How we are all reacting to thisGiphy

We all remember the Christmas where the Furby was the fight-inducing, must-have toy taking the world by storm. While they have since gone on to haunt our nightmares, no seemingly-possessed Furby could possibly be as scary as realizing just how old they are now. The animatronic toys were released in time for Christmas in 1998, which means as of 2017 they are 19 years old. That makes them older then any of the kids who would currently be in high school.

Not even taking the batteries out can stop themKnow Your Meme

Still feeling young and fancy-free? Well the next few facts will probably change that...

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