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20 Teen Magazine Posters Your Favorite 90s Heartthrobs Absolutely Regret

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There were (and still are) so many teen-focused magazines that are completely jam-packed with news about the best popstars, the dreamiest actors, and interviews with your favorite heartthrobs.


This would be all well and good if the pictures they used in the 90s weren't some of the most embarrassing photographs ever taken. These 90s teen magazines are basically the most hilarious collection of awkward poses and bizarre props.

Big Bopper

Whether you want popstars posing awkwardly or actors trying to look sexy before they hit puberty, 90s teen magazines are full of the weirdest, most uncomfortable and absolutely awkward pictures that you are going to love to see.

See what your favorite 90s dreamboats handled these awkward photo-shoots, I guarantee it'll make you laugh!

Hey *Nsync, why do you boys have magic wands? And more importantly, why does Joey have TWO magic wands?


It's hard to look cute while you drink a soda, but look how hard little baby Leo tries!

Big Bopper

"Who's going to steal the spotlight and the girl on the show named after the other male lead? THIS GUY!"

Big Bopper

A nice comfortable squat is good for you every now and again


Rocking a mushroom cut AND an armful of Beanie Babies? Could you be any more 90s?


He's praying that you won't remember this picture. Jokes on him though, the internet never forgets.


Hey Ryan, that is a very impressive hair flip.


So I am going to need each of you to apologize for this, what is happening here?

Excuse me Justin, keep your pants on please

Oh, you know there is even more of this nonsense!

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