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1970's Home Decor Will Bring Back All The Memories

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Imagine this: Your home is covered in patterns of varying sizes, the floors hair is longer than the dog's and the walls are covered in wood. Where are you? The 1970's were a special time for home decor. Between the shag carpets and wood paneling houses didn't really have much choice. Take a look at some of these classic styles and see if they bring back any memories.


So many patterns

Because one pattern just isn't enough.

Why is everything always orange?

Varying shades of orange were just everywhere.

If orange wasn't your thing, you could have a floor with ALL the colors!

Easy to match your furniture to it because you can choose ANY color.

My parents literally had this couch.

It was scratchy and uncomfortable and eventually ended up as a dog couch.

Exposed brick didn't quite look like it does now...

Especially when mixed with that wallpaper.

It's nice when you can find patterns that compliment each other so nicely.

Nothing says relaxing bedroom like a heavily patterned wall behind your heavily patterned bed frame.

Is this where Gaston lives?

This is 100% where he lives.


Everything is very round.

Round art, round table, round fireplace, round stools.

It's just so much sometimes

It's a lot to take in...

For more home decor that'll take you right back to the '70s, check out the next page!

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