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19 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Were On "Friends"

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Whether or not you liked the show, Friends was THE show of the 90s and early 00s. If you could land a role on Friends, it was a pretty big deal.

Of course, actors like Tom Selleck, Paul Rudd, Anna Faris, Bruce Willis, and Hank Azaria all appeared as recurring characters on the show, but do you remember some of the more famous guest stars?

1. T.J. Thyne

Who he played: One of Phoebe's doctors when she's giving birth to the triplets.

Where he's from: Played Dr. Jack Hodgins on Bones.

2. Hugh Laurie

Who he played: Rachel's annoyed seat-mate on a flight to London

What he's from: House, Stuart Little, among many others.

3. Jason Alexander

Who he played: Earl, a suicidal office manager that Phoebe talks to when she works for a call center.

Where he's from: Seinfeld

4. Charlie Sheen

Who he played: Ryan, Phoebe's Navy lover who gets the chicken pox

Where he's from: Two and a Half Men, Red Dawn, Young Guns

5. Susan Sarandon

Who she played: Jessica Lockhart, Joey's co-star on Days of our Lives

Where she's from: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bull Durham, Dead Man Walking, Stepmom

6. Helen Hunt

Who she played: a customer at Central Perk who confuses Phoebe for her twin sister Ursula.

Where she's from: Mad About You, Pay It Forward, Twister

7. Winona Ryder

Who she played: Melissa Warbutron, a college friend of Rachel's who also happened to make-out with her.

What she's from: Girl, Interrupted, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Stranger Things

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