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17 Times Dexter Was The Most Relatable Cartoon Character On TV

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Watching Dexter's Laboratory was one of the highlights of our childhoods. He was a genius scientist (sort of) who was constantly being irritated by his sister. Kids everywhere related to the annoying sibling dynamic and we just couldn't get enough.

Watching the show really made us wish we could have a cool secret lab in our closets. At least there was always Dexter, our relatable hero (sort of) who wanted nothing more than to enjoy his scientific creations. Not only did he create some awesome stuff, but he was also super relatable.

Dexter is one of the best cartoon characters and we all absolutely loved him. He had a lot of moments that made him feel so real and like he was one of us.

Here are the 17 times Dexter became the most relatable cartoon character in the world.  

1. When you finally find a legitimate reason to skip the gym

2. When everything is going badly but no one is helping you

3. When you think there is money in your bank account but surprise! Nothing.

4. When you find the joy in the little things...

5. When you try to be intimidating but it doesn't go as planned

6. When everyone is freaking out at once

7. When you finally find the perfect pair of sunglasses

Dexter is one of the most relatable cartoon characters out there. Check out the next page to see all the other times he embodied your spirit.

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