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15 Spice Girls Facts You Didn't Know That Will Spice Up Your Life

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Arguably the biggest and most empowering girl group of the 90s was the Spice Girls. Between their unique personalities that gave everyone something to relate to, or their strong messages of "Girl Power", we all grew up wanting to be just like them.

The Spice Girls are pretty fantastic, that's obvious, but there is a lot of things we don't actually know about them. We were all so young when they came out and it wasn't like the internet was a thing so we couldn't get all the details we can now!

Check out these 15 facts that will make you love your favorite girl band even more than you already do!

1. The band was formed after a casting call was put in a magazine in 1993

The listed read ""R.U. 18-23 with the ability to sing/dance. R.U. streetwise, outgoing, ambitious and dedicated?" Mel B sang the Whitney Houston song "The Greatest Love of All" for her audition, Victoria sang a song from Cabaret and Mel C rocked out to the Pointer Sisters.

2. The band had different name and a different 5th member.

Geri, Mel C, Mel B and Victoria were cast in the band "Touch" with Michelle Stephenson. Stevenson had to leave because of a family illness, but luckily the second casting brought in Emma Bunton who Victoria had actually already met.

3. They paid off their original management to go out on their own

After being given a contract they didn't like they decided to go their own way. They took out a loan to pay off the managers and went to find their own representation who would let them be more like themselves.

4. They didn't come up with their own nicknames

After signing with Simon Fuller they were interviewed by Top of the Pops magazine. The writer of the feature picked them out for the article and they stuck.

5. Emma taught the girls karate

She was trained in karate because he mom was an instructor so for the Say You'll Be There video she taught the other girls the proper ways to kick and punch.

6. The video for Viva Forever had to be animated

Otherwise it wouldn't have gotten made! The girls were simply too busy to make the video at the time.

7. Nelson Mandela was a HUGE fan

When he met them he fell in love with them all. He got to see them again at a charity concert in South Africa. He actually said the is was "the second greatest moment in my life. The greatest was the first time that I met them." He has also called them his "heroes" and the girls all loved him.

There are still so many facts to learn about the Spice Girls! Check out the next page to learn the rest and vote for your favorite Spice Girl!

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