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15 Things From The 90s That Prove Our Halloweens Were The Best

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The general premise of Halloween hasn't really changed much over the years, but kids in the 90s really did have it better.

This is why.

1. These Trick-or-Treat Buckets

The Berry

They came with every Happy Meal, and they were the perfect vessel to carry the copious amounts of candy you were about to get.

2. The McNuggets

I promise this is not just about McDonald's, but were these toys not the best thing to get? A chicken nugget that doubles as a Halloween toy. Brilliant.

3. Warheads

These were the best candy to get, other than full-size chocolate bars, of course. I always tried to keep one of these in my mouth as long as I could before it was excruciating...I never lasted long. But that sweet, sweet aftertaste was worth it.

4. Tales From The Crypt

He may still give us nightmares, but the CryptKeeper was a somewhat of a Halloween mascot for us all. Some of those stories, though? Man, they were not for kids.

5. MC Hammer Singing Addams Family Song

Name a more iconic cover. I'll wait.

6. Goosebumps Books

Okay, so these weren't strictly Halloween books, but every story felt a little more real when you read it in October.

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