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15 Theme Songs That You Absolutely Still Have Stuck In Your Head

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Watching TV after school or on Saturday mornings was pretty much the highlight of your week. Finding that show that just captivated you completely was the best feeling in the world. The shows will probably stick out in your memory forever, especially the theme song.

They always did such an amazing job making songs that could just embed themselves deep in your mind and then latch on as if they are some kind of melody leech. See how many you remember! There is something for everyone, see if you can find the shows from your childhood below!

1. Flintstones

You knew you were about to have a Yabbadabbado time any time this song started to play. It doesn't matter how many years it's been since you saw this show last, you know each and every word, I absolutely guarantee it.

2. The Jetsons

Take a trip with the most fantastic family of the future and see what our life will be like when we all have flying cars and robot housekeepers. Seems pretty great right?

3. Sesame Street

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Classic, simple, iconic, and absolutely everlasting.

4. Reading Rainbow

You can be anything, if you take a look in a book! The classic show ran for years and years, each and every one brought you just so much joy.

5. DuckTales

So far the new version of DuckTales looks pretty great, but it's hard to believe that anything will ever beat the original right?

6. Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget might have been pretty useless, but his theme song was pretty awesome. In all honesty the theme song should have been more about Penny and Brain since we all know they were the real brains behind the whole operation.

7. Animaniacs

It was absolutely one of the best cartoons ever and their song was zany to the max. And those are the facts.

There are a lot more amazing theme songs that you will absolutely remember, including a clown, some mice, and the star of a meme! Check out the next page and see if which of your favorites you still remember!

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