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15 Spooky Songs You'll Need For Your Halloween Playlist

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Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year, no doubt about it. It's a great chance to decorate your house, scare yourself silly with some horror movies, and of course, throw a costume party. However, you'll need some spooky-scary tunes, or else the party just won't be the same! Don't worry; we like you, so we'll get you started with these 15 songs.

1) Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

Let's get the obvious out of the way. No Halloween is complete without either hearing this song or watching the video. NONE.

2) The Misfits - "Halloween"

What's better than a punk song about Halloween made by a bunch of guys who look like they celebrate it all year round? Nothing, that's what.

3) Ray Parker Jr. - "Ghostbusters"

As the greatest, cheesiest theme song of all time, you should probably just go the whole nine yards and watch the movie too.

4) Alice Cooper - "Welcome To My Nightmare"

The king of shock rock has been the musical embodiment of Halloween since the 70s, and there's no better time of the year than to throw on this spooky classic.

5) Danny Elfman - "This Is Halloween"

The ultimate tribute to the holiday from one of its definitive movies, this could be all 15 entries on this list.

6) King Diamond - "Welcome Home"

Nothing says Halloween like a good ghost story, and the album Them is one massive musical ghost story! Bonus points for the awesomely cheesy video.

7) John Carpenter - "Halloween Theme"

Because Halloween is also supposed to be scary, and there's few horror movie themes that are as recognizable or spine-tingling as John Carpenter's piano keys.

The songs just get more spooky from here...

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