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15 Slang Words From The 80s That Were Totally Awesome To The Max

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The 80s were a pretty outrageous time. There were a lot of bright colors, big hair, and happy music. As with every decade, there was also an entire unique language that seemed to become popular before completely phasing out.

We probably still use a few of these phrases to this day, but some we haven't heard in thirty years. How many of these sound familiar to you?


An airhead is a way to call someone a ditz.

Example: Jill was supposed to meet me at the Madonna concert but she forgot! She is such an airhead!


Bodacious basically just means awesome or good.

Example: Annie was surfing on some bodacious waves back there.


Grody was a way to call something or someone gross.

Example: I can't believe you ate that, it was totally grody.


Rad is a super simple one, it's just a short form or radical which actually just means good.

Example: Your new mullet is so rad!


Stoked is a fun 80s way to say excited.

Example: I'm stoked for Janey's party tonight!


Tubular means that something is cool.

Example: Man, that was tubular!

Gag me with a Spoon

Gag me with a spoon was a way to express that you really didn't like something.

Example: Ugh, I have to go do math homework? Gag me with a spoon.


Do you feel like you are living in the 80s again? There is still more slang that we all remember...

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