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15 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Order From Magazines Again

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Kirk Demarais

Once upon a time, before the internet had even really been conceived of, advertisers decided to put their toy ads in the back of comic books and magazines, and kids had to physically send mail to them in the hopes of getting the next coolest toy. It was an imperfect system that often resulted in getting some pretty lame toys, but in the case of these 15 ads, it's totally worth revisiting them for the nostalgia trip.

I'm amazed this isn't a euphemism for something...


All that Spider-Man stuff looks awesome!


Because every kid was super excited about bicycle safety.


I'm not sure how badly I wanna learn from this guy...


Because who doesn't want a soup poster?


Wait, an actual monkey? I seriously doubt it.


There's way too much stuff to even go into detail here...


The ads just get weirder from here folks...

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