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15 Phrases From The 90s That Will Make You Sound Like A Grandparent Now

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Every decade seems to have its bits of lingo that are absolutely everywhere for a few years, only to completely disappear as the next big thing comes along. It definitely happened to 80s surfer lingo, and it happened again to these 15 90s mainstays.

"As if!"


It was more or less a cooler way of saying "No way!"

"What's crackalackin?"

Because "What's up?" just wasn't cool enough.


We have Snoop Dogg to thank for this one.



I mean, the word still exists, but it wasn't a constant reaction to things like it was back then.

"Yo mama"

This was once the pinnacle of humor.

"Talk to the hand"

It was because the face didn't want to hear it. Get it?

"That's my name, don't wear it out"

Because we were all important enough that our names could get worn out.

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