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15 Massive Fads That We've Already Forgotten About

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Whether it's ridiculous perms or Pokémon Go, there are fads we run into while growing up that, for a short span of time, feel like they're just absolutely everywhere. However, they often disappear just as quickly as they came, leading to things that we know we participated in, but don't really remember. Things like...

LiveStrong Bracelets

Live Strong

Because you needed to tell the world that you supported some kind of cause (or in the case of some people, a LOT of causes).



There were so many different kinds with so many different pictures, and you were always trading ones on the playground to get a full set. Don't forget to bring your Slammer so you can play!



Before Japan unleashed Pokémon on the world, we were obsessed with a completely different kind of digital monster that they sent our way. Taking care of these things was practically a full-time job.

Slap Bracelets


All the benefits of a massive, eye-piercingly bright bracelet, but with added noise and pain when you put it on!


They combined shoes and roller skates! We kinda get the feeling these died out when pretty much everybody who used them at school looked absolutely ridiculous.

Irish Dancing


There was a brief period in the 90s where everybody was obsessed with being the next Michael Flatley, and we pretty much all looked like complete goobers while trying.

Airbrushed Vans


Back in the 70s, you weren't cool if you didn't have a massive van complete with a huge airbrushed mural on the side. Frankly we're all for this making a comeback.

Seriously, some of the rest of these fads don't make any sense at all...

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