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15 #1 Hits That Will Make You Go "How Was It That Popular?"

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The Billboard charts have been tracking America's taste in popular music since the 50s, and even after major changes in how the public listens to music, they continue to be a gauge of what people are listening to.

Oftentimes the results aren't surprising, but in the case of these 15 songs, we can't help but go "Really? THAT hit #1?!"

Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder - "Ebony and Ivory"

One of these most infamously hated songs of all time by music critics (and anyone with working ear drums), these two titans of music proved that two great tastes don't always taste great together.

Jan Hammer - "Miami Vice Theme"

Hey, don't get me wrong: the Miami Vice theme song is awesome! I love it! But... how did it hit number one on the pop charts?!

Starship - "We Built This City"

Often voted as the worst song of all time by fan polls. I wouldn't go that far, but it's definitely cheesy in all the wrong ways.

Los Lobos - "La Bamba"

Fun fact: my teacher used to play this for us almost every day when I was in kindergarten. Why was a song mostly beloved by little kids able to hit #1?

The Beach Boys - "Kokomo"

The Beach Boys are an indisputably legendary band in rock music, but this saccharine ballad about chilling on an island is just the worst.

USA For Africa - "We Are The World"

What was supposed to be a massive song to raise awareness for the plight of those suffering in Africa instead becomes a massive ego trip by just about every singer involved in the project, and the cost of producing it probably just should've been donated.

The next few songs will definitely have you wondering what we were all thinking.

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