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15 Fascinating Facts About City Slickers That Were Definitely "Not In The Brochure"

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Billy Crystal is a comedic genius that has so many amazing and iconic roles. Whether you are watch The Princess Bride, Monsters Inc or When Harry Met Sally, everything he does is basically perfect but one of his greatest movies has to be City Slickers.

This movie was filled with comedy heroes doing a lot of strange stunts that weren't really as popular in movies as they used to be. Try and think of another western made in the 90s... Not a lot of them huh?

The movie is incredible and there is a lot of secrets and pieces of trivia that you will absolutely find fascinating. Check it out!

1. Billy Crystal loved the horse he rode

The horse was named Beach Nut and and he loved it so much he bought him after filming was done. They brought him back for the sequel City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold for Crystal to ride again.

2. He performed all of his own stunts

Move over Tom Cruise, you aren't the only stuntman in Hollywood! Billy Crystal did all of his own stunts including the scene where he gets dragged by a cow.

3. Billy actually assisted delivering a calf

To get the shot of Norman being born, Crystal had to film this scene several times. There are some shots where the calf is actually a puppet, and then when it is getting to its feet for the first time that is actually real footage. Crystal was actually on site for a real delivery in Colorado and assisted so they could get the shot.

4. Bruno Kirby (Ed) was actually SUPER allergic to horses

He had to get injections each day they were filming around the horses so that he could actually get through the scene.

5. Billy Crystal's children in the movie are pretty notable

His son in the movie is played by none other than Jake Gyllenhaal and his daughter in the movie is his real daughter Lindsay Crystal.

6. Jack Palance (Curly) was exactly who Billy had in mind when developing the project

Crystal had Palance in mind from the start, but when it almost didn't work out he found another actor. Palance eventually became available and it all worked out. Apparently Palance loved the script right from the start and was very excited to make this movie.

Check out the next page to see which part of the movie was based in real life and why one of the cast members refused horseback riding lessons!

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