15 books You Loved As A Kid That No One Reads Anymore

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I love reading. I grew up with my nose in a book and nothing has really changed now that I am an adult. I also love reading to my kids. Every night we read something new, or we move onto the next chapter in whichever book we started.

The world of kid's books has changed a lot since I was young, and ever more so from when my father (who instilled my love of reading) was a child. Here are 15 children's books that no one reads to their kids anymore.

1. The Adventures of Pinocchio


Long before Disney put the story of Pinocchio on the big screen, it was a children's book written by Carlo Collodi, published in 1883. It was one of the best selling books in the world at its peak, having sold more than 35 million copies worldwide. Unfortunately, this classic children's tale has become obsolete as no one ever reads it (or watches it for that matter) anymore.

2. The Story of Little Black Sambo


Likely the most controversial book on this list, this story published in the late 1800s has somehow never gone out of print. The story is nothing special, but it is the illustrations that most people remember. Even though the story is set in India, all of the illustrations depict the stereotypical "pickaninny" African-American, likely in an attempt to amuse young white children at the time. Luckily this book is no longer popular with anyone.

3. Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

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Before there was Toy Story, there was Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. This story of a little wooden doll coming to life and going on wild adventures captured the attention of children during decades past. Hitty even got to meet Charles Dickens, and she survived a shipwreck.

4. The Touch Me Book


Published in 1961, The Touch Me Book was somewhat of a novelty item because you could physically interact with the book: snapping a rubber band, feeling sticky tape, or squishing a dry sponge. It did sell over 2 million copies, but it just can't seem to compete with today's interactive entertainment.

5. A Pretty Little Pocket-Book

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The original children's book, written by the father of children's literature, John Newbery, this book was published in 1744. This book was just a simple series of simple rhymes that enabled common born children to learn how to read.

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