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15 Toys We Always Asked For No Matter How Many Times Mom Said No

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Being a kid and wanting something is weird. Sometimes your parents are totally cool and get you something you just happened to mention once, other times you can beg and plead for a toy and never seem to get it. In particular, I don't know a single person who ever actually got one of these 15 toys...

Plasma Balls

These were on display at like every toy and electronic store, and you couldn't resist putting your fingers against it. That being said, I never knew anyone who owned one.

Socker Boppers

I guess our parents didn't want to give us and our siblings another excuse to hit each other. Shocking really.


My guess is our parents didn't want this thing squawking at them every time they walked by. I can't imagine why.

Easy Bake Oven

Now this one I don't get. It was basically a light bulb that cooked things, why were you so worried about it, MOM?!

Laser Tag Set

I mean, sure these were hella expensive and nowhere near as fun as going to an actual laser tag range, but dammit we wanted these so bad!

Barbie Dreamhouse

Looking back on it, I'm pretty sure these things cost about as much as a real house did at the time, so maybe we can forgive our folks.

There's more toys that were never yours ahead!

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