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14 Facts About 'MacGyver' Made Only From A Toothpick And A Wristwatch

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While MacGyver may be part of the reboot series phenomenon, there's something about a classic that just seems so authentic- and we can't get enough of it!

Even though the show ended in 1992, the inventive agent has remained part of our pop culture with parodies on Saturday Night Live and commercials starring Richard Dean Anderson. "MacGyver" has even become a verb!

He taught us to never underestimate our resources, with thousands of uses for duct tape and a Swiss Arm Knife.

There are some awesome facts you didn't know about this seven-year series that taught and entertained us.

1. Henry Winkler Was An Executive Producer

The former Fonz produced the series with his partner, John Rich. He also made a cameo appearance in the season six episode "Henry's Will." He played a lawyer, which actually foreshadowed his role on Arrested Development.

2. After The Pilot John Rich Wanted His Name Removed From The Credits

After the original 90 minute pilot, executive producer, John Rich, thought it was awful. He disliked it so much he asked for his name to be removed from the credits.

3. Richard Dean Anderson Got The Part For Doing Something Strange For His Audition

When reading for the role in auditions, the actor reached to grab his reading glasses. Apparently Winkler found that humble gesture to be humanizing of the actor. This proved the actor wasn't just some Hollywood tough guy but a person everyone could relate to, so he thought he would be a great fit for the role.

4. The Character Was Not Originally Name Angus

In the original press release from Paramount Pictures, the cast listing states the character name to be Stacey MacGyver. The name was never used in the series, and was apparently unknown to Anderson. This critical first name of Angus was not actually revealed until season seven, in the two-part episode "Good Knight MacGyver".

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5. MacGyver Was Inspired By McDonald's

Originally the show's creator, Lee David Zlotoff wanted to give the character a masculine name, so he was going to call him "Guy". It was suggested that he add the "Mac" as a reference to McDonald's, since it was popular at the time. "McGuy" didn't flow really well, so after the writers played with the idea, MacGyver was born.

6. Richard Dean Anderson Is Exactly One Year Older Than Macgyver

While there has been some debate around when the character's birthday actually is, confirmation that his birthday was January 23, 1951 was given when they showed his passport in the episode "Every Time She Smiles." Richard Dean Anderson was born on January 23, 1950. Crazy coincidence.

7. Richard Dean Anderson Learned A Few Tricks From The Show

The actor learned a lot while playing the role. In fact, one day he got locked out of his house and in the spirit of MacGyver broke the front window with a bench. Badass.

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