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13 Times We All Related To The Cartoon Beetlejuice More Than We Wanted To

The Beetlejuice movie was such a classic it's hard to top it. Michael Keaton was just unbelievable as the titular character and while it was hard to top him, the cartoon version found a new spin on him that was just as good.

The cartoon was the favorite of so many kids, thanks to its goofy, wacky and at times dark humor that was all inspired by the Tim Burton hit. Beetlejuice in this show was just as bizarre as the original, but now he didn't have to worry about a human body and CGI problems, everything was animated and they could take it as far as they wanted.

The show was a huge success and for found seasons Beetlejuice and Lydia brought us all so much joy. Even though he was kind of a weirdo, he was a little bit relatable. Just like the Disney villains you thought you'd never relate to, nowadays we all probably relate more to Beetlejuice than to Lydia.

Here are the 13 times we all became Beetlejuice:

1. When you drink too much coffee but have to sit still at work

2. When you are trying to get out of something you absolutely did

3. When you are trying to follow a conversation but cannot focus

4. When you are super mature about how you handle someone being rude to you

5. When someone tells you they weren't listening when you explained something important

6. When your favorite song comes on and the rhythm takes over your feet

7. Your excitement when your favorite show is about to have its season premiere

8. When you get pizza and you are trying to hide it so you don't have to share

9. When you put a lot of effort into your makeup or outfit and you know it looks pretty good

10. When all your friends have your back over a petty argument

11. When you try to make your hair work with the limited supplies you have on hand

12. The satisfaction of trying something on that looks really good

13. When it's finally time for bed

Which Beetlejuice are you today? Share in the comments.

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