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13 Things That Every 80s Girl Will Immediately Recognize

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If you grew up in the 80s, you are pretty lucky. Everything was just totally radical in the 80s! We had the coolest hair, the best slang and obviously all the best clothes. It's safe to say we grew up in the best decade.

Being a girl in the 80s had a lot of perks too. We had a bunch of cool stuff that kids today wouldn't understand. How many of these things do you recognize?


For some reason the idea of a toy that could fold up into a little ball was super appealing to us?

Charm Bracelets

They were loud and complicated, but you knew you had to have one!

Colorful Barrettes

No fashion choice was more important than how you would accessorize your hair.

My Little Pony

We all had our favorites, but we wanted the whole collection anyways.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Not only would you get a doll, but you'd have to have a whole bunch of outfits to dress her up in! If you were really lucky your Grandma would knit you some sweaters for her.

Stick On Earrings

All the style with only twenty minutes worth of commitment. Because then they would be gone forever because they are just not that sticky.



No one was cooler than She-Ra.

Even though She-Ra is pretty awesome, there are still more things that we all remember...

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