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13 Things Kids Today Would Be Completely Baffled By

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Growing up before the internet was everywhere makes for some very interesting memories. We know how it felt to be unreachable, we remember having to take only a certain number of pictures, and we know what the phrase "Be kind, rewind" means.

Kids today have no idea how lucky they are. While I am sure our parents said the same about us, there really have been a crazy amount of technological advances over the last 15-20 years and the world is basically unrecognizable.

Here a few relics that you may remember but kids today probably couldn't identify. Do you remember them? How do you think think they would react to them?

1. What is this mysterious disk? 500 hours of what?

2. What is this mysterious book for?

3. But why would there be one on the street?

4. Why are those holes in the paper?

5. What on earth is this tiny toy car for?

6. What the...

7. Umm...

If they're confused by floppy disks just wait 'til they see the next thing...

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