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13 Facts That Will Change The Way You Remember The 90s

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We may have lived through the 90s, but how much did we really absorb? We were all a bit busy going through puberty and trying to survive middle school, so we couldn't pay attention to everything going on around us.

There are a lot of interesting facts from the 90s that you may not have known before. Here are 13 weird ones that might just blow your mind!

*NSYNC was named by Justin Timberlake's mom

She commented on how "in sync" they were, then realized that the last letters from each of their first names spelled out "NSYNC": JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, JasoN, JC. You might be asking "Who's Jason?" Well, Jason left the band and was replaced with Lance Bass. They kept the name and claimed his nickname Lansten would work to fill in the missing spot.

Director James Cameron actually drew the portrait of Rose

Paramount Pictures

All of the pictures that Jack had in his portfolio were drawn by the director. He eventually auctioned off the famous picture of Rose for $16,000.

Animaniacs were originally supposed to be ducks

Warner Bros.

There were originally going to be four of them named Yakki, Smakki, Wakki and Dot.

Jesse was supposed to be addicted to speed in 'Saved By The Bell'


The execs didn't want something so intense in a kids show so they had to change it to caffeine pills. They did however leave everything else the same, which is why her reaction seems excessive.

'JNCO' jeans is an abbreviation

Idol Magazine

It means "Judge none, choose one"

Harrison Ford was almost in 'Jurassic Park'

He could have played Dr. Alan Grant but he turned it down.

When Disney released 'Beauty and the Beast' in China they had Jackie Chan record a voice

Walt Disney Pictures

He took over as the Beast!

There are a lot more crazy facts to learn!

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