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12 Weird But True Facts About 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood'

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Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood is one of those shows that you remembered watching no matter how old you are today.

Unlike many fictional characters that appeared on TV at the time, Mr. Fred Rogers was real and had very important messages to deliver to his audience. He also did it in a unique way that his show apart from other children's shows.


The show ran from 1966 to 2001 which means that while most of us have seen many of the episodes, there were some things we might have missed.

Here are 12 weird but true facts about the friendly Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood:

1. His Mother hand-knit all of his sweaters

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His mom was an avid knitter, and gifted all her kids with sweaters on special occasions like Christmas. Mr. Rogers wore his on the show as a nod to his mom. Putting on a new sweater was a way of saying "hello" to her.

2. Lady Elaine Fairchilde is named after someone close to Mr. Rogers

Neighborhood troublemaker, Lady Elaine Fairchilde is named after Fred Rogers's sister according to an Archive for American Television with Rogers.

"My sister was adopted when she was six months old and I was eleven years old. And her name is Elaine. We tease her because she thinks that I must have named Lady Elaine Fairchilde for her," explained Rogers.

3. He picked out his famous blue sneakers for a reason

Mr. Rogers made sure that every detail, no matter how small, was perfect so he could deliver the best show for his young viewers. This is why he swapped his loafers for his well-loved blue sneakers at the start of every episode. The sneakers didn't make a sound when he walked, and this ensured that he didn't make any unwanted noise while filming.

4. He mentioned everything he did aloud

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The friendly host always went into extreme detail when describing his actions because he once received a letter from a blind girl who asked him to explain things for her. That is also why he always made sure to mention that it was time to feed the fish.

He also maintained a pace of 124 words per minute because someone told him that was the right pace to talk to children with.

Fred Rogers didn't have a lot of regrets about the show, but there was one thing he wished he had done differently...

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