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12 Times Futurama Felt All Too Real

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Despite being set in the year 3000, Futurama was never without jokes that resonated pretty closely with our own modern day. We didn't always notice it when the show first premiered in 1999, but this show could be absolutely savage in some of its commentary.

Whether it's talking about society, interacting with other people, or even just going about your day to day life, the show always seems to have some kind of hilarious twist on it. Here's just a few of our favorite examples of how Futurama was more modern than we thought.

1) Parking Signs

Anyone who's ever tried to find parking in a big city can probably relate to this all too well.

2) Safety Stats

Admit it, you've tried things with worse odds.

3) The Bronx

If you've ever been, you know.

4) "I choose to ignore these signs."

We've all had those moments where the rules just didn't seem to apply to us.

5) Protests

Sometimes the acronyms really don't seem well-thought out.

6) When you just don't care.

There are days where you can't even pretend.

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