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12 Things From School That'll Bring Memories Flooding Back For Anyone Over 25

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We literally spend a grand majority of our early lives in school, and while for the most part we can't wait to get out of there, there are definitely some good memories too. In the case of these 12 things, a picture of them alone will take you right back to when you were a kid.

Every single school seemed to have this exact footstool in every classroom.


When computers looked like this, instead of being a phone.


Using one of these bad boys to learn how to multiply.


Or learning how to count with these colorful mofos.


The sheer frustration when one of these tabs went missing, making the pencil useless.


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Elementary school lunches were something that I will never forget. I have no idea why they were so memorable, but they are what I remember most from school. 1. Halloween trade-off.Ah November 1st, National Candy Trade-Off Day. This was the one day a year that every kid would come to school with a lunch box full of candy, and whatever your mom packed you underneath it, which did not matter. If you were smart, you brought all the candy you got from the night before that you hated. Everyone traded off, and the best candy went to the highest