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12 Songs That Always Had Us Checking The Album Insert For The Lyrics

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Chris Rock once had a saying; "If the beat's alright, she will dance all night." There's a lot of truth to that statement, and there's plenty of proof to be found in songs where, for whatever reason, we can't understand what the artist is singing about.

In the case of these 10 massive hit songs, we've loved them for years and instantly remember them, but probably couldn't tell you what the person was actually saying.

Sean Paul - "Like Glue"

Sean Paul could have the most profound lyrics in the history of music for all I can tell, but I'll be damned if I'll ever know.

R.E.M. - "It's The End of The World"

Don't lie, the only part of this song you know is the chorus.

Missy Elliott - "Work It"

Most of the song isn't actually that hard to remember, but the parts where her vocals are reversed are damn near impossible to understand without listening really carefully.

Eiffel 65 - "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

We had no idea what this song was about back then, and we still don't now.

Snow - "Informer"

A white kid from Toronto (with a surprising amount of street cred) took on rap-reggae, and while it's catchy as hell, there is NO way you had any idea what Snow was talking about.

Some of these next songs are freaking incomprehensible...

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