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12 Songs That Are So Iconic It Only Takes One Line To Recognize Them

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Sometimes, a song becomes such a phenomenon that all it takes is hearing its one catchiest lyric, and then all of a sudden you're transported right back to the first time you heard it. Can you guess these 12 songs just from these single lines alone?

"Y'all ready for this?"

Jock Jams didn't really catch on all that much, but this song from the Space Jam soundtrack will never be forgotten.

"What is love?"

Personally I still blame Night at the Roxbury for bringing this one back.

"Can't touch this!"

This is kind of cheating since it's the song's title, but still, don't tell me the beat didn't pop into your head as soon as you read that line.

"This is how we do it!"

Again, it's the title of the song, but nobody remembers any part of this that isn't the chorus.

"Come on and SLAM!"

Man, Space Jam really did give us some of the most infectiously catchy jams of the 90s, didn't it?

See if you can guess the rest of these...

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