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12 Skits From 'In Living Color' That Put SNL To Shame

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In Living Color was one of the premiere comedy shows of the 1980s. Not only did it give us some of the funniest skits ever seen on TV, but it also introduced the world to names like Jim Carrey, The Wayans Brothers, and Jamie Foxx. We still love it, and these 12 clips will show you why.

Fire Marshall Bill

By far the highlight of Jim Carrey's time on the show, Bill was an overbearing guy who, while he just wanted to teach people about fire safety, often just made things worse.

Ugly Wanda

Jamie Foxx's most iconic character from the show, Wanda refused to acknowledge how she looked, and hilarity ensued. Great stuff.

Homey The Clown

The most sarcastic, awful, "I'm sick of this s***" clown to ever walk the Earth, Homey was one of the show's best recurring characters.

White, White Baby

Jim Carrey was an absolute god when it came to impersonating other celebrities, and this parody of one of the worst rap songs ever is completely on point.

Al Sharpton Comedy Tour

This one succeeds because of just how perfect the impersonations are.

The sketches just get funnier from here...

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