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12 Pixar Secrets You Completely Missed In Your Favorite Movies

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Since the release of Toy Story back in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios have been one of the biggest names in animated movies. Working exclusively for Disney, the company not only revolutionized 3D animation when it was still a relatively new thing, but also gave us some absolutely classic movies that stand the test of time.

Like many studios, Pixar enjoys hiding inside jokes and references to their other movies within their newest work. While this is known to a lot of people, we're willing to bet even diehard fans might not have spotted these 12!

When Wall-E builds a statue of Eve, her right arm is made from the Pixar lamp.


Totoro from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro makes a cameo in Toy Story 3.


Andy's wallpaper from Toy Story is one of the backdrops Randall hides against


The "Dinoco" gas station line shows up in several movies


These next few are REALLY sneaky...

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