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12 Pictures That Prove That The Only Part Of Sam Elliott That Ages Is His Hair

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Samuel Pack "Sam" Elliott is probably the actor most people in the 21st Century picture when they think of a cowboy. Known for his smooth, gravelly voice, and a mustache that some would kill to be able to grow, the actor has been a recognizable force in Hollywood since he first appeared in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid in 1969.


Despite being well into his 70s, the most remarkable thing about Elliott is that, aside from his hair getting whiter, he seems to have barely aged over his 40+ years in Hollywood. Don't believe me? Just take a look at these roles of his!

Mission: Impossible (1970)


Sporting a clean-cut look and shorter than usual hair, he still has his signature brows, square jaw, and piercing eyes.

The Legacy (1978)

Turman-Foster Company

His signature mustache appears, as does his increasingly long hair. Fun fact: he's been married to his co-star from this film, Katharine Ross, since 1984!

Mask (1985)


Nooooow we're getting to what we know him for; that majestic mane and the curl-ended 'stache.

Road House (1989)

Silver Pictures

This is just about peak Elliott here, but he ditches the mustache for salt and pepper stubble.

Gettysburg (1993)


Here we go! Thus begins his now-permanent career of playing smooth mofos with a badass streak.

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