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12 Old Computer Photos That Will Take You Back To When You First Learned To Use One

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Computers have changed A LOT over the last few decades, probably faster than any other part of modern day life. Back in the 70s they could take up an entire wall, but nowadays we're all carrying one around in our pockets.

Still, the memories linger, and for those of us who knew how to use a computer long before the internet was really a thing, these 12 photos are pretty much guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back.

Remember when you had to actually BUY a web browser?


Or an operating system for that matter?


Someone tried to put a trackball AND keyboard on a controller. The results are about what you'd expect.


What a bargain! Lemme just take out a second mortgage here.


Because every computer needs a cat-shaped barcode reader attached to it, apparently...


This just gets more nostalgic from here folks...

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