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12 Movies With Mistakes You Missed The First Time You Watched Them

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If there's one problem with watching your favorite movie over and over again, it's that eventually you might start noticing the little mistakes that aren't caught in the editing process. These 12 are really sneaky, but thanks to home video and the internet, they're preserved forever.

Jurassic Park's camera operator raised it a little too high during the T-Rex scene; you can see a sprinkler

Screen Rant

If you freeze the frame in the opening of T2: Judgment Day, you can see the prop knife bend on Arnie's chest.


Rose clearly should've taken Jack's hand off with that axe swing in Titanic

Movie Mistakes

The butcher in the back of the "sword fight" scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark is just lazily flailing his hatchet around.


A man appears to be throwing his dog into a lake in the background of Mr. Nanny's ending

Screen Rant

Apparently those ruby red slippers aren't as stuck to Dorothy's feet as we thought.


These next few background mistakes are even crazier...

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