12 Songs That Prove The 80s Were The Decade Of Hair Metal

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Back when rock music was fun and not dominated by bands like Nickelback and whatever boring new project Jack White decided to work on this week, the absolute epitome of everything excessive, outrageous, and awesome about it was hair metal.

Hair metal was music that did everything big: the voices, the guitar solos, the outfits, the hairstyles, everything. We loved it, and especially these 12 absolute classics.

Guns N' Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle"

Relative latecomers to the genre, Guns N' Roses blew everybody away when Appetite For Destruction came out in 1987, and this lead single is a great example of why.

Def Leppard - "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

Everyone's favorite stripper anthem is still great today.

Quiet Riot - "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)"

The go-to instructional song on how you're supposed to react to a metal song.

Poison - "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

Fun fact: Brett Michaels apparently wrote this song about his relationship with Pamela Anderson. Yes, the exact one you're thinking of.

Ratt - "Round And Round"

Between this song and "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" I can't imagine how dizzy everyone was back in the day.

There's more glam to come!

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