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12 Life Lessons Every 90s Kid Learned From Magazines

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Who was the on the cover of your favorite issue of J-14? Which quiz do you distinctly remember passing around the table in the cafeteria? Magazines played a huge role in teaching young girls about growing up and offered advice to the questions we were afraid to ask.

Now girls have Instagram, blogs, and YouTube to teach them how to do their makeup, offer real life advice and all the celebrity gossip you could possibly imagine.

Instead of bloggers, YouTubers and Instagram celebrities we put our trust in Tiger Beat, CosmoGirl and Seventeen to teach us about fashion, answer all of life's questions and keep us in the loop about what is on trend.

Here are some basics all 90s girls learned from magazines:

How to Kiss

When you first picked up a 90s magazine, it was for the cute boys on the cover, and the fun gossip you got to read. Now you're turning to the experts about your first kiss, because there's no way you would ask your parents how to do it properly and you don't want anyone else to know that you haven't been kissed yet.

Get Those Butterfly Clips In Just Right

There was always that one girl who had the perfect hair every single day. I don't know how she did it, but I know I wanted to figure it out. These mags catered to teaching us with step-by-step instructions on how to get the hottest looks. Obviously it never looked like the picture, and we broke half the clips in the process, but what can you do.

Hair Wraps Took Talent

No 90s childhood is complete was complete without these colorful wraps around locks of your hair. How did were you at making them?

Hair Mascara Was A Need

No hair style was complete without a colorful strand of blue, green or pink hair mascara. It was a pain to try and run the wand through your hair and it would look like a crispy mess, but hey, it was the style.

Blue Eyeshadow Was Must

One of those things that we wish wasn't a thing, but was. May the past stay in the past.

Why Was White Eyeliner a Thing?

Someone said it was a good idea...and we believed them.


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