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12 Facts About 'Hook' That Will Make You Lose Your Marbles

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Released in 1991, Hook was a movie with a great premise and equally-fantastic cast. The story of what would happen if Peter Pan left Neverland and actually did grow up, the movie starred Robin Williams as Peter Benning, the lawyer who's forgotten his true identity as Peter Pan, Dustin Hoffman as the villainous Captain Hook, Bob Hoskins as his sidekick Smee, and a young Julia Roberts as the fairy Tinkerbell.

The movie was unfortunately both a critical and box-office flop when it was released, but it seems to have found a large following since its home video release. Personally, I've never met anybody who didn't love the movie, but I HAVE met plenty of people who didn't know these 12 surprising facts about it!

There's a nod to Captain Hook in the opening of the movie.

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Dustin Hoffman plays the pilot of the airplane the Bannings fly to England on. He says "This is your captain speaking..."

The kissing couple who float when fairy dust touches them are actually pretty famous...

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It's George Lucas and Carrie Fisher, doing a cameo for their good friend Steven Spielberg. Fisher was actually a big part of the movie: she did some uncredited rewrites on the script, and was apparently Spielberg's inspiration for how he pictured Tinkerbell.

In fact, the movie has lots of cameos.

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Gwyneth Paltrow had her second role ever as a teenage Wendy during a flashback sequence, while Dustin Hoffman's kids, Max, Rebecca, and Jake all have small roles in the movie as well.

Maggie Smith had to be aged up significantly to play Granny Wendy.

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Smith was only 56 at the time of filming, and had to have tons of makeup and prosthetics applied to look the correct 92-years-old as Wendy.

Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg became best friends while making the movie.

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They had a long-running friendship after working together. When Williams passed away, Spielberg apparently went to watch the movie again to remember their meeting, but couldn't get through it as he couldn't stop crying.

Keep reading for more awesome facts about Hook.

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