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12 Episodes Of 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' That We Are Still Too Afraid To Watch

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While our childhoods had no shortage of shows that were meant to creep us out, by far the most intense was Are You Afraid of the Dark? Other shows like Goosebumps focused on the more cheesy, silly kinds of horror, AYAOTD was straight-up nightmare fuel even from the opening!

While it ran for a whopping 7 seasons (with a total of 91 episodes), there can only be a few to get the title of "scariest." Thankfully (or maybe not), it's not much of a contest.

The Tale of The Silent Servant

What's more creepy than a decrepit scarecrow? How about one that stalks you because you trespassed into its field? Yeah, this was no joke.

The Tale of Laughing in the Dark

Clowns are already terrifying, and when this kid decided to steal an animatronic one's nose on a dare, it becomes a thousand times creepier as it begins following him around and yelling "GIVE IT BACK!"

The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

Because nothing says "kids show" like the ghost of a child who froze to death in the woods, who appears to people wandering through and just says "I'm cold."

The Tale of Many Faces

A girl literally loses her face in this, and finds other people without faces. It's as unsettling as it sounds.

The Tale of the Dead Man's Float

A kid goes into his school's abandoned indoor swimming pool to impress a girl, but turns out it was built on an ancient graveyard and is now haunted by one of the most grotesque ghosts you'll ever see! And we thought Jaws scared us away from the water.

And if you thought these were creepy, it only gets worse...

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