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11 Reboots Of Classic Movies and TV Shows That We All Wish Didn't Happen

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There were a lot of shows from our childhood that were so amazing. So many of the movies and TV shows that meant a lot to us growing up are now thought of as outdated and poorly made. At least that's what Hollywood thinks, so they keep trying to remake them.

As it turns out, some things should just be left alone. There have been so many failed reboots of classics that honestly should not have been allowed to happen.

Charlie's Angels


There was a moderate success with the movie, at least enough to make a sequel. But the new TV show only lasted four episodes before it was canceled.

Knight Rider


You don't Hassle the Hoff, and you don't try to redo his shtick. He is talking about trying to make a new version himself, but without him this reboot was canceled extremely quick.  

Red Dawn


This film had a rough go, it was delayed for YEARS before finally releasing in 2012. It tried to capitalize on two of their stars sudden spike in fame, but even Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth couldn't save this film.



Try all they might, but it just was nothing like the original and no one seemed to like it.

Melrose Place

The CW

Even though the 90210 reboot did fairly well, the remake of Melrose Place did not have the same success.

Bionic Woman


The original show was so iconic, that it's pretty reasonable that nothing was going to compare. They tried, but was cancelled pretty quickly.

They keep trying, but they all keep failing.

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