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11 Monkey Movies That Made You Go Bananas As A Kid

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Animals are pretty much the best thing on the planet. Whether you are referring to a house pet, a farm animal or even a fictional cartoon, nine times out of ten, the animal is going to steal the show.

There are of course a lot of dog movies out there that we all know and love, but have you ever realized just how many monkey movies there really are? Maybe it's because genetically we feel so connected to them, or maybe it's just because they are so cute. Either way, monkeys are everywhere and it is AWESOME!

Here are some of the great monkey movies you watched when you were a kid, and maybe a couple you never heard of!

Ed (1996)

Universal Pictures

It may not be the highest rated film in the world, but it did star 90s mega-star Matt Leblanc! He played a pitcher who has to deal with having a teammate who is a chimpanzee. It was just one of the ridiculous concepts of the 90s that we all remember so fondly.

Dunston Checks In (1996)

20th Century Fox

It's the little boy from The Santa Clause... with an orangutan. Dunston (the orangutan) is trained as a thief but doesn't want to steal anymore so he runs away. The little boy tries to keep him safe and luckily everything turns out just fine. It had a pretty impressive cast including Faye Dunaway, who might not want you to know that.

Monkey Trouble (1994)

New Line Cinema

A lot of kids apparently found monkeys because they ran away from bad owners, which let me tell you has created some false expectations in my mind. Never once did I find a monkey. Anyways, Dodger the monkey goes to live with Eva.

Mighty Joe Young (1998)

Buena Vista Pictures

This is a movie with a giant gorilla which is always a fun touch. He isn't quite King Kong size, but he is quite a large fellow. He does have a soft spot for Charlize Theron though!

Ace Venture: Pet Detective / When Nature Calls (1994/1995)

Warner Bros.

Spike the monkey is the ultimate sidekick. He is hilarious and has better timing than a lot of humans. He is such a great partner for Jim Carrey in these super goofy movies.

There are even more monkey movies to remember! Check out the next page to see the rest.

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