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11 Facts That Prove Roald Dahl Was So Much More Than A Genius Author

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Roald Dahl may have written most of our childhood favorites, but not a lot of people know about the author himself. He is behind classics like Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach, but the kids reading his stories have no idea how much he has been through.

The author had an incredible life that is unlike any others. Let's see if you know about his amazing past!

He was a fighter pilot and a spy in World War II

Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center

He flew a "Hawker Hurricane" in WWII starting in 1941. His duty came to an end when he started having such severe headaches that would cause him to lose consciousness. But after that he was recruited by MI6. This is how he met Ian Fleming, AKA the creator of James Bond.

He has his own dictionary published by the Oxford English Dictionary

OUP Oxford

He has created over 250 words and so in honor of his extensive creative works, the Oxford English Dictionary published his own dictionary. It covers his entire language which is referred to as "Gobblefunk". It's used a lot in The BFG by the giants.

He wrote The Twits because he hated beards

Illustration by Quentin Blake

Dahl hated beards, so he wrote The Twits as a way to express that. The first sentence actually expresses his feelings very clearly: "What a lot of hairy-faced men there are around nowadays!"

Roald Dahl wrote two very famous movies

After meeting Ian Flemming at MI6, Dahl actually wrote the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice. After that, he wrote the kids' movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

He had a very specific writing schedule and an unusual place to write

Jan Baldwin

Dahl wrote all of his books in a shed in his garden between the hours of 10 a.m. - 12 p.m and 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.. He wrote each and every one of his stories on a yellow legal pad using an HB pencil.


Roald Dahl also collected some very interesting things in his shed...

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