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11 Facts About Ginger Spice That Prove She Is Full Of "Girl Power!"

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She was the queen of "Girl Power" in the 90s as well as a total fashion icon. Geri Halliwell's signature look was imitated by basically every preteen who wanted to look extra cool, and her strong attitude taught a lot of us to stick up for ourselves.

Halliwell was part of the epic and amazing group called the Spice Girls and basically everyone was heartbroken when she left the band to go off on her own. How much do you actually know about the pop star? Check out these 11 facts that will help you get to know this awesome woman.

1. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness

Her mother became a Jehovah's Witness when Geri was just a kid so there were no more birthdays or Christmas celebrations. She is no longer associated with the religion, instead thinks of herself as more spiritual.

2. Her grandfather was a mayor in Spain

He was the mayor of Cordoba, a city with a population of around 300,000 people.

3. She used to be a Turkish Game Show presenter

She was the girl who would present the prizes on the game show called "Let's Make A Deal".

4. She actually made that Union Jack dress herself

FIONA HANSON / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Her sister Karen helped her attach the flag to plain black dress and the rest is history!

5. George Michael gave her a car for her 27th birthday


He gave her a 1960s Mercedes 280SL convertible.

6. She met Victoria before they were Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham

They met at an audition for a part in the movie Tank Girl.

There are even more interesting facts about Geri Halliwell that will totally Spice up your life! Click to the next page to see more!

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