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11 Celebrities Who Tried To Rap (And We Really Wish They Didn't)

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There's a lot of celebrities out there who are very multi-talented individuals. Some of them seem to think that they have a talent for being musicians as well, and in the case of these next 11 celebs, their attempt at proving their talent for rapping was very, VERY wrong.

Shaquille O'Neal

We're not even a little surprised that Shaq tried to have a rap career (he even plays a rapping genie in Kazaam), but he really should've just stuck to basketball.

Brian Austin Green

The former 90210 star and current Megan Fox husband tried to kick off a rap career in the 90s. Personally, I blame Vanilla Ice.

Aaron Carter

Everyone's second-favorite Carter sibling tried to rap about beating Shaq. It didn't even beat Shaq's awful rap songs.

Kevin Federline

A throwback to a time when music culture was pretty much at an all-time low, we see Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook introduce a very pregnant Britney Spears, who then introduces her husband's rap debut. The result is the stuff of legends.

Bob Dylan

Dylan's made a prolific career over the years by adapting his sound to many different styles, but we're sure he wants to forget his guest rap verse on a Kurtis Blow track just as much as we do.

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