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11 Boy Bands You Completely Forgot You Loved

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Of course everyone remembers the three main boy bands that have been lifted into pop royalty. Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block and NSYNC are the indisputable champions of the pop universe, without any doubts. A few others managed to get a good foot hold, like Boyz II Men or even Hanson who had their own hits, but there were even more that have been totally left in the past.


Boy bands basically grew on trees in the 90s. A new one would pop up every 45 minutes with one hit song before fading back into the world. Sometimes they would get a couple of songs on the charts, but no one was able to dethrone NKOTB, BSB or NSYNC.


It's been a long time since we have thought about any of these peripheral boy bands, but they deserve a little bit of recognition too. They helped make our middle school dances the awkward social encounters we all endured.

Let's see how many forgotten boy bands you remember!

1. 5ive

This band's name may not have understood how the English language worked, but they knew how to make some super great songs. Sure, they don't necessarily make sense, but you would be lying if you said you didn't love singing "Slam Dunk Da' Funk".

Most Notable Songs: When the Lights Go Out, Slam Dunk da Funk, Everybody Get Up

2. B4-4

Having brothers in a band was one thing, but identical twins? Another level! These boys joined together with one other to create one of the most inappropriate songs that a bunch of preteens could sing.

Most Notable Song: Get Down

3. LFO

They really liked girls who wore Abercrombie & Fitch which was really timely and relavant when the song came out. They had a distinctive sound that was I guess some people's jam, but for the most part they faded out after only a couple songs.

Most Notable Songs: Summer Girls, Girl On TV

4. The Moffats

They were kind of banking on that Hanson niche, hoping that brothers were the main selling factor in the pop world.

Most Notable Songs: Bang Bang Boom, Misery

5. 98 Degrees

They are definitely one of the ones that were the closest to making it into boy band royalty, but never quite got there. Sure, they had a lot of hits, but there are still quite a few people who don't remember where Nick Lachey came from and why his marriage to Jessica Simpson was such a big deal.

Most Notable Songs: I Cherish You, Because of You

The next boy band will have you saying "I swear these guys are familiar..."

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