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10 Ways Adam West Proved He Was The Best Batman

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Everyone has their favorite Batman, Whether it is the more recent Christian Bale, the classic Michael Keaton, or the only right answer in my opinion: Adam West. His Batman was the most fun by far, and while it was extraordinarily campy and goofy, it was aware of that and made the most of it.

You might try to argue that the dark and gritty Batman is a lot more entertaining to watch, but you know what, there is so much more to Batman than his awesome fighting skills and gravelly voice.

Adam West's campy Batman show is obviously one of the reasons why we will miss him, but at least we have the show to look back on forever. If you want to rewatch the original series you can buy it all on Bluray now!

These are the 10 most important reasons why Adam West's super cool, goofball Batman was the best of all.

1. First of all, his dancing skills were off the charts


2. His upper body strength was no joke, look how he scales those walls

20th Century Fox

3. He was so organized, everything had a label

4. His organization made him ready for everything - even sharks

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

5. He was excellent at keeping those lines of communication open, even on the go (which was rare at the time). The Batphone in the Batmobile was very useful!

There are even more reasons why he is the absolute best Batman out there, click to the next page to find out all the reasons why!

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