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10 Times The Little Critter Books Were Full Of Attitude

One of the best parts of being a kid was the books. There were so many amazing choices, but there was one that most kids seemed to love more than the rest. The Little Critter series of books by Mercer Mayer were just the greatest. There was one for basically every situation you could think of and there were always new ones coming out.

The thing that I have recently noticed is that the Little Critter has quite the attitude. He is so sassy all the time! It's pretty crazy, and if you don't believe me, I have proof.

10 Times Little Critters we full of attitude:

1. Just A Mess  

It was your mess, why do you look so surprised?

2. I Was So Mad

Okay, I get that you're mad but why do you have so many frogs?

3. Just Go To Bed  

It's funny how going to bed as a kid is like a prison sentence but now if someone tells me I can go to bed early I am just so thrilled.

4. Just Lost!

I mean, this would be scary for any kid but how are none of the adults noticing him? Maybe that bunny... But she looks kind of evil.

5. Baby Sister Says No

Yes having a sibling can be rough, but you look like you are about to attack her.

6. We Are Moving

No one likes moving, but don't take it out on the poor movers! Or maybe he's just upset that the pig has the same overalls as him.

7. I Just Forgot

You do not look apologetic AT ALL.

8. Being Thankful  

You look so mad right now. Who can possibly be so angry while they are holding ice cream?

9. That's Not Fair  

He really has an attention issue huh...

10. Just A Nap  

It seems as though he taught his sassy attitude to his baby sister.

Did you ever read these when you were a kid? Had you noticed his bad attitude?

In case you want more of Little Critter, there's a website that has all the books, coloring pages, games and sing-a-longs that you can visit.

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