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10 Times Companies Used Kids' Movies and Shows To Sell Us Things

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Sometimes it wasn't enough that we watched these shows and movies on a near-regular basis from the comfort of our homes; where there was money to be made, companies wanted to convince kids (and their parents) to spend, spend, SPEND! While some were subtle about it, these 10 franchises had some pretty extreme, and often weird, marketing campaigns.

Bugs Bunny & Michael Jordan - Nike

No joke, these commercials were so damn popular they're the entire reason we got Space Jam. Yes, that's right: there was a time both Bugs and MJ were so huge they could sell shoes AND a movie.

The Flintstones - Chewable vitamins

I mean, it was a good product that helped a lot of kids, but seriously, who decided the best people to get kids to take their vitamins were a bunch of cave-people from millions of years ago?

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Honey Nut Cheerios


This one doesn't even make sense. 1) Honey Nut Cheerios already have a mascot, and 2) said mascot is a bee, not a chipmunk.

Oliver & Company - Coca-Cola


You would think that a company like Disney wouldn't need money from product placement for their movies, but apparently a sponsorship deal from Coca-Cola was too good to pass up.

The product placement just gets weirder from here...

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