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10 Things That Guaranteed You Were Going To Have The Best School Day Ever

Going to school in the nineties was a much simpler time. No one had a cell phone, no one had Facebook and everyone had frosted tips. There were a few days that were just so much better than others and it seemed as though there was a common thread.

Whether you loved gym class or the special events in the library, there was a something for everyone. Here are 10 of the best possible things that could happen to a 90s kid at school.

1. Walking into the room and seeing this:

2. When these would be passed out

3. When it was time to play with this

4. The adrenaline rush of Heads Up 7Up

5. Anytime you got to use these bad boys

6. Or when you could add one of these to your pencils

7. The computer lab version of math class was always the most fun

8. The day they would bring in boxes and boxes of room temperature pizza

9. Almost better than book order day was book fair week! Think of all the bookmarks you can buy!

10. The 5 most frustrating words you read were also some of the best

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Elementary school lunches were something that I will never forget. I have no idea why they were so memorable, but they are what I remember most from school. 1. Halloween trade-off.Ah November 1st, National Candy Trade-Off Day. This was the one day a year that every kid would come to school with a lunch box full of candy, and whatever your mom packed you underneath it, which did not matter. If you were smart, you brought all the candy you got from the night before that you hated. Everyone traded off, and the best candy went to the highest