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10 Search Engines From The 90s That Make Us Grateful For Google

Before Google became the ruler of the internet, the competition for top search engine was pretty fierce. It seemed like there was an endless array of options, all attempting to be better than the next. There were many with a gimmick, a lot of really bad ones, and even a few that are still around today!

Do you remember a time before Google? If so, you probably used one of these.

1. Dogpile

Because back then it was important to have an "Ebay Auctions" button on the side for easy access. Also instead of "search" you would click "fetch", which always was fun.

2. Webcrawler

Notice they had a "Chat" section? No one seems to have those anymore do they? Thank god.

3. Excite

Look at all these options to click on? This is before you even click search...

4. Hot Bot

"I'm sorry what were you looking for? Was it ALL the colors? Because that's what I have to offer you." - Hot Bot (probably)

5. Ask Jeeves

Everyone's favorite butler wasn't always the most efficient, but it was absolutely the classiest.

6. Yahoo!

If you didn't just sing the Yahoo! song in your head, you are lying.

7. AltaVista

Kids today have no idea how hard it was to find stuff online... We had to either use Encyclopedia books or these. Not the best options.

8. Lycos

Again, so many clickable things on this one page.

9. AOL Search

Who else remembers having to keep track of the "AOL Keywords" on commercials when you wanted to look stuff up?

10. All the Web

Well, whatever you are looking for, obviously this could find it because it searches ALL the web! Not just some of it like those other search engines.

The Introduction of Google:

Obviously Google had to start somewhere. They had an exclamation mark, they had a nice mailing list for updates, but luckily they were quick to improve and steal the crown.

Which was your favorite search engine growing up? Do you still miss Jeeves?

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